Model Airplane Plans Catalog

Cleveland Model & Supply Company, Inc. Catalog

The online catalog is divided into three major sections, which address: (1) Cleveland Primary Product Line, (2) Cleveland Secondary Product Lines, and, (3) Cleveland Tertiary Product Lines.


Patterns are provided on either the model airplane plan or on separate pattern sheets.

Primary Product Line

There are more than 200 individual modlel aircraft plan subjects in the Cleveland Primary Product Line. In this section of the catalog, the subjects are listed by Aircraft Manufacturer, listed from the earliest subject offered by a manufacturer to the latest subject offered by a manufacturer; by Aircraft Type (fighter, bomber, trainer, transport, etc.); and by Aviation Era. Presently, more than 100 aircraft manufacturers are represented in this section, 13 aircraft types, and five aviation eras.

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Secondary Product Lines

Cleveland Model & Supply Company also designed and marketed many scale model airplane plan subjects, which were not in precise scales. These lines were designed for simplified construction, and lower cost, relative to the “SF” or “D” lines. These objectives resulted in lighter-weight subjects which, generally, flew better than the “museum-scale” models These lines appeal to modelers whose primary interest is in flying rather than in building true-to-scale models.

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Tertiary Product Lines

This section contains non-scale model airplane plan subjects designed for competition. Free-flight, gas-powered subjects, such as the legendary, much-copied “Playboy” series; non-scale, rubber- powered, “Wakefield-type”, competition models; sailplanes, such as the world-famous “Condor” series, and hand-launched indoor and outdoor gliders may be found here.

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