Customer Feedback

Still Saying After All These Years

From Model Aircraft Builders ...

"I am quite pleased with the Cleveland drawings and your customer service." D.W.S., KS.

"Your plans are just great!" R.H., CT.

"Your plans are beautiful and very informative. Keep it up!" P.B., OK.

"Your plans are still the best money can buy." D.J.S., ID.

"Your plans are thorough and, with the hints, helpful." T.S., OH.

"It was like a dream come true ... that C-D Models still exists. They are the best plans that I have ever seen." O.L., Sweden.

"Heartfelt compliments for your dedication and the quality of your work." T.B., WA.

"Keep up the fine work making these fine plans available to we modelers and antique classic airplane admirers." D.M.A., OH.

"Thanks for the great work you have done ... in making these plans available to modelers ... ." R.E.S., Sr., PA.

"Your restoration of E. T. Packard’s plans and reduced price list is music to my ears." M.G.B., TN

"I think it’s absolutely super that you’re carrying-on the Cleveland tradition." M.M., OH.

From Replica Aircraft Builders ...

"I got hold of Ed Packard over at Cleveland Model Airplane Company to see what he had in the way of Wedell drawings in his model packs. As I expected, he sent a beautifully-done set ... he had drawn in 1934 after taking dimensions off the actual airplane. Since I had the flying wire drawings (full-scale) in hand, as well as the fuselage tubing dimensions (full-scale), I could readily check them against Packard’s drawings. Again, as expected, the Cleveland drawings were more accurate than any I could come up with." Bill Turner in Budd Davisson’s Wedell-Williams, Coming Up With The Numbers, March, 1991 "Sport Aviation", page 23.

About the Catalog ...

"I have been spending as much time with your catalog as I do with a good book!" R.H., PA

"Congratulations for producing such an easy-to-follow, distinctive, and classy catalogue." K.J.D., Australia.

"I would like to compliment you on your catalog. It is very well organized and cross-referenced." R.D., NY.

"Your catalog is beautiful - informative. The history brought tears to this 75 year old." A.P., NY.

"Received the great ... catalog which is very impressive and makes selecting plans very simple." A.M., MI.

"Super catalog, nice job, great story." T.W., CA.