Cleveland Model Airplane Plans: Model Airplane Plans Secondary Product Lines

The secondary lines for which we currently offer model airplane plans are separated into eight categories, as listed below.


Patterns are provided on either the model airplane plan or on separate pattern sheets.

Industrial Training: "IT" Series

This fine line was offered for school projects during World War II. The line "IT" (Industrial Training) series includes subjects having wingspans of 24 to 35 inches. There are 23 subjects in this series.

Industrial Training: "IT" Series Example Plan

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Industrial Training: "T" Series

The Industrial Training Line also includes the "T" series. T-series subjects have wingspans of 36 inches.

Industrial Training: "T" Series Example Plan

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The "Representative" ("Rep" or "R") line was introduced in 1936 as 20-inch-span models. The 12 subjects in this line are characterized for their building ease and for their excellent flying qualities.

Representative Example Plan

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Free Lance

The historic "Free Lance" ("FL") line includes profile, single-engine and twin-engine, rubber-powered models with 10 inch to 36-inch wingspans. The “100” and “200” series are single-engine models. The “300” series are twin-engine models having built-up fuselages but having profile engine nacelles. There are 19 subjects in this line.

Free Lance Example Plan

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The Simplex ("S") line was offered post World War II and includes 12 subjects having wingspans ranging from 15 inches to 28 inches. The line includes, primarily, jet-powered bombers and fighters.

Simplex Example Plan

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The E-Z ("EZ") line was offered post World War II and includes nine subjects having wingspans ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches. The line includes, World War I subjects, Golden Age subjects, light civilian aircraft subjects and a racer.

E-Z Example Plan

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The Nature ("N") line was offered pre World War II and includes six subjects having wingspans of 25 inches. The line includes, propeller-driven birds, insects, a bat and a flying fish.

Nature Example Plan

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The Auxiliary ("AU") line has only two subjects, the Cleveland "Speedster Aircar" (the only non-aviation subject in the catalog) and the Boeing B-29, "Superfortress".

Auxiliary Example Plan

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